About Paul

PAUL RICHARDS is the Labour candidate in the election for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Paul Richards is contesting this election on three main policies:

  • more rights for witnesses and victims of crime, enshrined in a new, robust Victims Law, so that more cases come to court and more criminals are convicted for their crimes. The criminal justice system must be tilted towards the citizen not the criminal.
  • more police on Sussex streets, reversing recent cuts to police numbers, and more neighbourhood policing teams emmeshed into the fabric of local communities, preventing crime and cracking down on noise, vandalism, graffiti, and litter.
  • investment in the services and facilities that create a strong society, helping to prevent crime, and giving young people a better future: more Sure Starts, Children’s Centres, Youth Clubs, Sports Clubs and apprenticeships.

Paul Richards will invest in every part of the police family: civilian support staff, special constables, police community support officers, and neighbourhood police, as well as working with local councillors, faith groups, businesses and the voluntary sector in Sussex to prevent crime.

Paul Richards will open new police stations across Sussex, and keep our police stations open for longer.

It’s a two-horse race here in Sussex

This time it’s a straight fight between the Conservative candidate and the Labour alternative.

Last time around the Lib Dems didn’t even make it to the second round with only 13.94% of the vote!