Paul’s Campaign Diary

Last Day of Campaigning – Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings

 Polling Day is here. For political nerds, this is Christmas, the World Cup Final, and Eurovision rolled into one, very long, day. I’ve been up a tower block in Brighton and West Hill in Hastings in support of our excellent local candidates. The thunderstorms last night might be a pathetic fallacy for dramas ahead. 

This morning I voted in Eastbourne. There is something mystical about voting. Transcendental even. For a moment political power rests in the hands of the citizens, before it is loaned to a representative on a temporary basis. I always think of the Chartists demanding a secret ballot to prevent bribery or bullying. That’s why there’s a booth, and a sealed box.

As the candidate I like to check in with the polling station staff to see how they’re doing. It’s a long day for them too. 

Now I’m heading back to Hastings to see off the ‘independent’ challenge and the threat of the Greens doing to Hastings what they did to Brighton. The so-called independents offer zero leadership to the town; their whole shtick is about their own ego trip. 

The results from across the UK start to come in on Friday and Saturday but the police and crime results are Sunday. We will be at the Brighton Centre to hear the results. 

Don’t forget to vote before 10pm today and take your photo ID. I’ve already seen two people turned away this morning. The Chartists didn’t through all that for you to forget your drivers licence.